Celebrating Dragon Boat Festival

Exploring Chinese Culture with Baby & Kids Toys

Welcome to our B2B toy website, where we aim to provide not only entertaining toys for children but also opportunities for cultural learning and exploration. In this blog post, we delve into the significance of the Dragon Boat Festival, a traditional Chinese holiday, and how you can incorporate baby and kids toys to engage children in the festivities while promoting their creativity and culinary skills. Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery, fun, and hands-on activities!

Understanding the Dragon Boat Festival:

The Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Duanwu Festival, is a revered Chinese holiday celebrated on the 5th day of the 5th month of the lunar calendar, typically falling in June. It commemorates the ancient poet and statesman Qu Yuan, as well as showcases the rich cultural heritage of China. This festival is renowned for its exhilarating dragon boat races, delectable zongzi (traditional Chinese rice-pudding wrapped in bamboo leaves), and a spirit of togetherness.

Exploring Chinese Culture Through Toys:

To make the Dragon Boat Festival more enjoyable and educational for children, let’s explore how baby and kids toys can be incorporated to enhance their understanding and engagement with Chinese culture. Here are a few suggestions:

a) Dragon Boat Play Set: Introduce children to the excitement of dragon boat races with a dragon boat play set. This toy allows children to create their own dragon boats, complete with vibrant dragon figures, paddles, and a racecourse. Encourage imaginative play and team up with their friends to stage thrilling dragon boat races, fostering teamwork and coordination.

b) Traditional Chinese Costumes: Provide miniature traditional Chinese costumes, such as cheongsams (qipaos) or dragon-themed outfits, allowing children to dress up and immerse themselves in the festival’s cultural ambiance. Encourage role-playing activities where they can pretend to be participants in the dragon boat race or embody characters from Chinese folklore.

c) Chinese Zodiac Plush Toys: Introduce children to the Chinese zodiac and its twelve animal signs through plush toys. These cuddly companions can become a source of learning and entertainment, as children explore the characteristics and stories associated with each zodiac animal.

  1. Hands-On Activity: Making Traditional Chinese Rice-Pudding (Zongzi): Engage children in a hands-on culinary experience by teaching them how to make zongzi, a traditional Chinese rice-pudding wrapped in bamboo leaves. Here’s a simplified recipe suitable for children’s participation:


Sticky (glutinous) rice
Bamboo leaves (pre-soaked)
Fillings (e.g., sweet red bean paste, salted egg yolk, or a combination)


Soak the sticky rice in water for a few hours or overnight.

Drain the rice and set it aside.

Briefly blanch the pre-soaked bamboo leaves in hot water to soften them.

Take two bamboo leaves and overlap them to form a cone or pouch shape.

Add a spoonful of sticky rice to the leaf pouch.

Add a spoonful of the desired filling on top of the rice.

Cover the filling with more sticky rice.

Fold the bamboo leaves over the rice to form a tightly wrapped parcel.

Use kitchen twine to tie the parcel securely.

Repeat the process to make more zongzi.

Steam the zongzi for 1-2 hours until the rice becomes soft and fully cooked.

Allow the zongzi to cool before serving.

Watching the Dragon Boat Race:
While children participate in the zongzi-making activity, make it even more exciting by watching

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